Hi newbie here!! Help please :-)

hi everyone! 

Brand new to this whole chat thing but thought I'd give it a go as I need some fellow mummies help please if poss!! 

I just need a bit of complete honest advice..here's my situation- (sorry it's long!!) 

i have a 4.5 year old boy who took 2 years to conceive..now I feel I'm ready to have another little one but again, having the same problems not being able to conceive and I don't know if this month is it!!? Basically me and hubby had 7 days straight sex (such a one off lol) that was the 1st-7th oct. On the 17/18/19th I had such a random period, unlike anything I've ever experienced before, im like clockwork with my cycle, always have been..17th spotting, very light. 18th heavy with clotting, no pain at all, 19th very light to nothing...then ever since that day I've just had lots of clear/creamy discharge..my boobs always hurt and swell prior to my period, nothing that month..they started to ache and feel heavy after the bleeds. 

Last few days I've been needing a wee so much especially at night and in the morning..I've lost my appetite, no nausea or extra tiredness, had lots of lower aches and pains as if I'm on or coming on..but just nothing! 

Ive done test after test all negative, apart from a clearblue one this morning which appears to have a VERY faint line, but u can barely see it in a photo :-( 

am anyone let me know where or if I can attach a photo of it so anyone can give me an honest opinion please??? So sorry for the major lengthy post!!!!!



  • imageOh I can send a pic yay!! Get ur binoculars at the ready lol!!! is this typical of a Clearblue test to have this very faint line?? Is an evap?? So fed up and confuse 😐 

  • Blue dye tests are notorious for evaporation lines am afraid.

    it sounds like the bleed you had was a period.... as there were clots etc. Was it the time you should have had your period? 

    My boobs have started hurting around ovulation time so maybe that could be it? If your period was then, you will be gearing up for ovulation around now...

  • Hey Dolly. I guess that was a period, but if you are in pain or if it's completely random I suggest visitin doctor. Probs your cycle changed because of you getting more love from hb? ;) I mean hormones and stuff. xx

  • Sorry forgot to say my cycle days are 24-26 days..I'm past ovulation time for me..my period is due this week im just unsure when!! 

    thank u xx

  • Yes I did think the same Amy..just had a lot of symptoms that are totally out the ordinary for me so don't know what's up! Xx

  • If you are due this week then you would have ovulated 2 weeks ago.... hence the 2ww.... or some people have 16 days as a luteal phase.

    i don't think having sex can alter your cycles... have you been on BC? As coming off will potentially alter your cycle...

  • I am due on friday and I ovulated on 27th, confirmed with temps and my cycles are 26-28 days long depending on when I have ovulated.... hope that helps.... 

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