What does a faint negative line mean?

i'm late on my period, about 2 weeks ago for about 2 days I spotted very light blood and on the 3rd day there was dark blood, but it didnt look like discharge, or like old blood And it just Happened once, i took a clear blue pregnancy test about 4 days ago it showed up a faint negative line and I took one this morning when I woke up and it was even more faint negative i waited for 3 minutes and it didn't change or get darker.(by faint I mean A lighter blue than the control line) I'm curious if this could mean that I'm testing too early or the test is negative?


  • You can't get a negative line, if there is a line it is postive.... you have to be careful with the blue dye tests though, they can give evap lines..... it's better to use a pink test like a First response. Also it should ideally be getting darker not lighter.... 

    i would test again with a pink dye test.... good luck 

  • Yes there is no such thing as a negative line as flybutterflyfly said. Any line is a positive if it appears within the time limit in the instructions, it doesn't matter if it is fainter than the control line. Testing again in a few days should mean the line is darker next time.

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