Hi Ladies,

This is my first post ever in this topic, but I drive myself crazy and have nobody to talk about it. 

So.. I have 2 beautiful and healty boys, both were a bit of a surprise pregnancy, however with 2nd one I just knew from the beginning (or thought so) I was pregnant. I had strange feeling on a day, we BD-d that night, and I just knew it was my ovulation and got pregnant. Took me 3 test and a few dosappointed nights, but 1 day after af was due I got my faint positive. He had his first Bday a few weeks ago 😊

This time it is a bit different. I had my first period (still bf-ing) at 11th Oct, then I had a strange feeling at 22nd and 23rd of Oct (BD-d both nights). I believe that was my O nights. I knew that I am not an early bird, but still wanted to test (just in case), no wonder I got BFN-s at 9-10-11 dpo. At 11 (or 12) dpo evening I noticed a spot of blood on my knickers and some yellowish- orange (tmi sorry!!!) mucusy discharge when I wiped. Not much tho. I thought that was my IB, so I was positive, abd kept waiting. At 14-15-17 (today) tested again, all BFN-s. AF was due at 14dpo, so basically I am 3 days late but sill no AF. 

Sorry for a long story, just wanted to give as much information as possible. 

So am I still too early to test? If I was right about IB, I am 5-6 days after implantation now. Shouldn't the test pick it up by now? I am on an emotional rollercoaster, don't really know now what to think or expect...

Thank you for any advice, help or just a few supporting words x



  • If AF is late then I would think you should get a BFP by now. Could AF just be late maybe? Try using a digital test maybe ?? Hope you get your BFP soon xx

  • Hello Mummyof1boy, 

    Thanks for your answer. 

    Last month's period was weird a bit too, but I got it 13 dpo. Now I am 17 dpo, and still nothing... 😳

    That is what I thought too! I should have had a double line by now, or my period.. 🤔 God knows what is going on.. 😕X

  • Try and wait it out a few more days and if AF still hasnt shown up try another test. Hope its a BFP for you!! Xx

  • Thank you Hun, it is really nice of you wishing me luck 💐

    I guess you are right, just the waiting game is killing me haha OH doesn't believe me until I have proof, and with all those BFNs and days passing I started to have doubts as well. It is frustrating, confusing and annoying.. Don't know if I should still have hopes, or just give it up, and say my hormones are playing with me. Would be nice to have a July baby tho 😆😆😆

    Will see.. 

    Are you TTC-ing? How old is your boy? X

  • Never rule out a BFP until AF arrives!! 

    My boy is 8 now and yes me & OH are TTC, into month 6 now. Im waiting for my OPKS to arrive to check if im ovulating when my app says I am xxx

  • Aww good luck to you hun, I hope you get your BFP very soon 😉

    8 years wow.. He will be a brilliant little helper for you 😜 It is so exciting to go through the whole thing again, isn't it? My boys have only 22 months age gap, but it was so nice to 'start it again'.. 

    However if we are pregnant now, he/she would be our last.. 😢 I am sure I would miss it one day, but 3 kids are enough 😄😄😄 (My mother-in-law said 2 is enough, but I think a woman who had 3 herself shouldn't give me this advice lol).

    Little update: no af, more symptoms, really bad nausea coming and going.. didn't test, because I only have 1 more test.. 😅

  • Wow 22month age gap, I bet thats hard work at times. My next child will be our last, me & OH have both decided on that. 

    No AF and more symptoms is good news and very positive!!! When are you thinking of testing? Xx

  • I won't moan about boredom, that is for sure 😅😅 But I love that the boys are actually pretty close to each other, so they play together and exchange cuddles and kisses a lot 😊

    Knowing about your baby he/ she will be the last is quite emotional, isn't it? I just really would like to have/ do everything I missed earlier 😆😆 Thinking about 4D ultrasound scan, pregnancy photo shoot, baby hand/ feet  keepsaker... 😅 Don't take me wrong, I don't want everything, but it makes it so precious as you know - it won't happen again with you. ❤️

    What do you think?

    I am thinking to test tomorrow or Sunday.. Tomorrow would be 19 dpo, Sunday is 21 dpo, and 1 week late for af.. If I am not pregnant, I really don't know how to explain this..

  • I had a 4D scan with my DS and it was amazing, also got the DVD aswell of the full scan, I would definitely recommend it.

    Yes I know what you mean it is quite emotional thinking that it will be your last child and experience forever, but then once the sleepless nights/teething/ toilet training starts I probably will be thankful haha

    I think 1 week past AF due date should be give you a positive if your pregnant. What day of your cycle would it be when you test? Xx

  • Hey ladies.

    myself and my OH only just decided at the beginning of October to TTC. As I was on the pill up until the first week of october, i haven't yet had a period and my last bleed was during the second week of October about 3 days after coming off my pill (Withdrawal). im not that bothered about tracking my cycle or monitoring my ovulation window etc, as we just want to see what happens and when AND IF I get my first period then I may start tracking from then! but i do know that I have been getting the following symptoms... some have been for the last week and some have been occurring over the last few days. we have been BD (having unprotected sex) for about 5 weeks about every other day!

    Cramping and sharp pain in left side (lasted 4 days) - only today its also been in right side and across belly. 
    Back ache of lower back and sometimes sharp pain in shoulder blade - could be trapped wind?
    Constipated (used to go once every day and now going maybe once every 3 days and struggle when I do have to go. Not painful)
    Waking up with Headaches
    Bunged up and sneezing (cold - since tueaday)
    Dry and spotty skin (never get spots)
    Itchy back at night
    Thin milky discharge, more than usual, but not stringy or like egg whites
    Dizzy and nauseous, hot flushes
    Extremely tired but sometimes restless and disturbed sleep 
    Muscle strain in thighs and bum - only for 2 days
    Just not feeling myself and feeling ill constantly 
    Clammy hands and feet 
I can eat but I always feel full and never fancy anything (aversions)
    Burping! I never burp!

    (SORRY that it's in note form and may be TMI but I literally jotted it down as I was experiencing these symptoms.) I did take a pregnancy test last week but period isn't due until next week so is it possible that I was testing too early? 

    would appreciate some feedback of what this might be ☺️

    Is pregnancy possible this soon after stopping the pill? would all these symptoms be due to ovulating? what comes straight to mind ladies? Thank you xx

  • (Pregnancy test taken last week came up negative)

  • Hi LiaMia,

    your symptoms could be ovulation but they are also pregnancy symptoms.

    And yes its possible to be pregnant before having your first real period since stopping the pill. If you have been BDing alot then you may have ovulated and conceived this month, its definately possible.

    But if AF isnt due until next week then its also possible that your just testing too early, never rule out a BFP until AF shows up!! 


  • Thank you for your reply Mummyof1Boy. i will wait until AF is due, and test again if it doesn't come ☺️ 

    best of luck to you xx

  • Let us know how you get on LiaMia and I really hope its a BFP for you!! Xx

  • Hello Ladies, 

    ghughes, your symptomes sounds promising, and yes, you can get pregnant right after you come off from the pill 😉

    However, period is different for most of my friends on pill, and off. Like they do realise more PMS symptomes, more pain, and more blood (heavier) when off from BCP.. (I never ever had any, so I only can tell what I heard..) FX for you hun, I hope you get your BFP soon 😊 Keep us updated 😉

    MummyOf1Boy, of course I couldn't wait with the test, and I did it today morning .. BFN 😢 I am currently at 19 dpo, CD30, and no af.. I don't know what to think, but I started loosing hope.. 😕 Will see what future brings, not so excited at the moment, probably it is a hormonal inbalance, or bf-ing messed up my body...

    How are you? Did your OPKS arrive? 

  • Oh so maybe AF is just late for you Blower?

    Yes ny OPK arrived yesterday and I got a really strong positive. I have done another this morning but forgot to check it before leaving for work 😩 

    But I DTD lastnight and the night before so hopefully I have still caught my ovulations xx

  • Aww, that is good news for you Mummy,  if it was strong your chances are high(er).. I read somewhere even if you ovulate and you BD-ing right at time (and the day before) your chances are like 35% on top to get pg... Do you think it is accurate? It is a number even if you both are healthy, and obviously don't use protection.. Made me think of the percentage of luck you need to actually get pg lol 

    Aww, FX for you hun, I really hope you get your BFP very soon 😉 Now the 2 weeks of nail-biting wait... (The hardest bit haha).

    I don't know what is going on, obviously everybody (who ever did this 2 weeks wait) heard about women who won't get a BFP until they are 5-6 or even 11 weeks ahead. If af isn't arrive until next week Thursday, I will book an appointment with the GP to see if everything is alright. Until then just wait... 😅 (And maybe pray lol 😂)xx

  • Hi blower I'm simlar to you I was due on last Friday on my normal 28 day cycke . However I sent my husband out to get me some pregnancy tests in the Thursday and he came baxk with ovulation tests ( I no 🙈🙈) lol so I thought what the hell I'll do one anyways I did one and to my surprise it was the darkest postive I have ever had with a opk so I guess I was ovulating late so going back that now I am 8 days past ovulation .. so it is postive just to ovukate late Hun .. I've been having sharpe shooting pains in my left side and last night light tummy cramps.. Bloating and generally feeling like I'm really dopey ( if that makes sense lol ) I've been hearing back ache but all these signs could be just af its so hard to tell .. Ohh and also I've had some of this discharge some described on here but also had that last month and waanr pregnant 

    I did miscarriage the end of August so my cycles could still be messed up from thathoping for all us to have bfp soon.. I'm getting worried as I always concieve straight away woth my two boys was the first cycke of ttc and also the miscarriage but then that took me ten days late to get a postive pregnancy test even though I kind of new anyways so yiu so have time Hun 

    hope this helps x

  • Hi Emmalouise16, 

    Thank you for your reply, and to try to keep my hopes up 😜 I keep it in mind, game isn't over until the witch arrives 😉

    Just did a little research, and found out ovulation test could show 'ovulation' by the time you are pregnant! So I think you should go and buy a hpt yourself (sorry hubby lol), because I think your chances are really high 😜 

    I am just honestly so glad I could have tell you this, and I really believe you are actually already pg. 😊😊😊 Keep us updated, please ☺️ X

  • Hi Blower,

    So i did 2 OPK today and both are negative. The lines arent even close to how dark yesterdays was so I may have just caught my ovulation as i DTD lastnight and the previous night, fingers crossed!! 

    Dont give up hope, ive read stories about people not getting positive HPT until AF is a few weeks late because the chemical wasnt high enough to detect. I think its rare but it happens, you could be the wild card!!

    Good luck to you also EmmaLouise, I agree with Blower that you should do a HPT. Good luck xx

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