Negative Bloods but Positive Ov Test...?


Just seeing if there's any light at the end of tunnel.....

I've been TTC for a year now and nothing is happening. I have irregular periods but approx 35 cycles. I'm 26 husband is 31 both healthy, eat well and regular exercise etc. etc.

I had my bloods taken two weeks ago to see if I was ovulating however results were negative, I then have been going back every week to track if there's any rise in my levels.

This Weeks bloods are again negative HOWEVER I decided to take an ovulation test as I had EWCM and pains that felt like a period was due. The Ov test came back positive, I now am so confused as to whether I ovulated or not. Bloods saying im not, Urine saying I am...? I also used Clear Blue ovulation tests just in case anyone is wondering.

Has anyone else had this? or just some advise would be great. Thank you :)   


  • that sounds so frustrating for you..... if I were you I would get to it, but the tests show the hormone surge they don't actually guarantee ovulation... I had a cycle where I got 3 sets of positive OpKs a week apart.... sounds like you could be gearing up for ovulation but for some reason are not. But get a baby dance in just in case. Also might be worth taking your basal temps as this will confirm ovulation or not.

    really hoping your bloods are wrong x

  • Thank you, its all so stressful but trying to stay calm! I've got my third blood test next week so fingers crossed. Have you tried or got any advise on supplements that help with ovulation? I'be lots of positive things about Vitex/Angus castus but when you actually read the back the packet It says do not take if TTC! ahhh x

  • I did take seven seas last month But it delayed my ovulation by 3 days and I didn't like it so stopped them. Plain old folic acid for early development of the baby, but in terms of taking supplements for ovulation I am too much of a scaredy cat. A lot of ladies take the Agnes cactus and some take the soy but I think you have to be careful when tinkering with things like that.... see what the doctor says.... they may prescribe clo or tamoxifen which have to be taken I think on days 3-7 of your cycle. Hopefully it won't come to that though 

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