Need help am I pregnant?!

hi all I'm 19 dpo and 3 days late to my calculations but 6 days late according to. Phone app! My partner and I have been having unprotected sex just letting nature take its course we have a high sex drive and majority of time 2 or 3 times a day. This past week I noticed a strange dizzy feeling like I was light headed for no reason at all,I've had a runny nose off and on but the biggest trigger to make me thing am I pregnant was I've gone off wine! The thought of it makes me want to be sick, I normally love wine and will drink very happily however I could hardly finish the one glass I instantly felt sticky and the headache I got was unbearable. Yesterday I finally thought I'm going to test the first clear blue test was a bfn today I retested and it still is a bfn but I left the test a few hours I've come back and can see a very faint second line I'm not sure if it's my eyes playing tricks I will try and post picture to show you so you can help me. I keep getting cramps my nipples are sore but no period think I'm starting to go crazy here!!! 


  • Hi - if you went back and read the test after the time indicated in the instructions (for example, after 10 mins) then you cannot guarantee that the result if correct. You shoud take the result that was there in the specified time as any line after this is likely just an evap line. 

  • Hey ladies. myself and my OH only just decided at the beginning of October to TTC. As I was on the pill up until the first week of october, i haven't yet had a period and my last bleed was during the second week of October about 3 days after coming off my pill (Withdrawal). im not that bothered about tracking my cycle or monitoring my ovulation window etc, as we just want to see what happens and when AND IF I get my first period then I may start tracking from then! but i do know that I have been getting the following symptoms... some have been for the last week and some have been occurring over the last few days. I have been having unprotected sex for about 5 weeks about every other day!

    Cramping and sharp pain in left side (lasted 4 days)
    Back ache of lower back and sometimes sharp pain in shoulder blade - could be trapped wind?
    Constipated (used to go once every day and now going maybe once every 3 days and struggle when I do have to go. Not painful)
    Waking up with Headaches
    Bunged up and sneezing (cold - since yesterday)
    Dry and spotty skin (never get spots)
    Itchy back
    Thin milky discharge but not stringy or egg whites
    Dizzy and nauseous, hot flushes
    Extremely tired but sometimes restless disturbed sleep 

    Strain in legs and bum

    Just not feeling myself and feeling ill constantly 

    Clammy hands and feet
    I can eat but I always feel full and never fancy anything (aversions)

    (SORRY that it's in note form and may be TMI but I literally jotted it down as I was experiencing these symptoms.) 

    would appreciate some feedback of what this might be ☺️ Is pregnancy possible this soon after stopping the pill? could I be ovulating and if so, is it normal for pains to last just over a week? would all these symptoms be due to ovulating? what comes straight to mind ladies? Thank u xxx

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