Temp slowly dropping implantation or AF coming soon??

Is there anyone who can shed some light on my chart my temps have slowly been dropping for 2 days just above cover line? Ff saying 6dpo but I'm 7dpo.. Could it be implantation or AF arriving soon? Feeling like I'm out this month now loosing hope has anyone had anything similar and got BFP? image


  • I would imagine it's too early for AF, so could be  implantation... 

    from your chart you look like 6dpo as you don't count the day you Ovulate. 

    good luck 

  • My last positive opk was Wednesday so I though Thursday would be 1dpo? I hope so as really feeling out this month now image I'm just hoping my temp goes back up tomorrow..  Thanks for taking the time to look at my chart and reply back to me it's just my 1st month temping this month x

  • The day of the lowest temperature is the day you ovulate as it dips and then the progesterone rises after ovulation and this is what gives us our high temps.... I can see earlier in your chart you had lower temps.... are you sure that OV wasn't then? That would put you at 12dpo, which may account for lower temperatures if AF is on her way in 2 days or so time 

  • I deffo ovulated on Wednesday because I got my first positive on Tuesday and another on Wednesday and I had lots of ewcm from Monday so I know I'm not that far along yet. Just hope my temp jumps up tomorrow been having headaches today and from yesterday I have been having pulling like cramp feeling in lower abdomen and pain in my side on my upper abdomen just above belly button had a few dizzy spells yesterday when I stood up so fingers crossed x

  • Your temp is too high on Wednesday for it to have been then :) from a positive stick you OV 12-36 hours afterwards.... temp goes down on OV day and then shoots up the next day so that's 1dpo.... that will be why FF has put your day of OV as Thursday as that's your lower temperature And then it goes up on the Friday.

    i have decided to stop temping and POAS next month.... I am starting to obsess over it and second guess myself all the time!!! 🙊

  • Symptoms sound promising though :) try and hold out till 10dpo if you're an early tester :) 

  • Ah right yeah I suppose so I deffo feel like I felt ovulation pain early hours Wednesday morning though and then Thursday I had a negative opk that's why I imagined weds as ov day. How long have u been ttc? I had really irregular periods since coming off bc In April range from 45 to 35 so I started taking agnus Castus this cycle to bring on ov and reduce my cycles it seems to have lengethed my cycles this month as I'm on cd 53 now but it's my first positive opk this cycle I was using clearblue digital past cycles and I always got flashing smiley and never a steady smiley so I don't think I was ovulating. Just hope it does the trick :) I only dtd once this cycle which was Tues (first day of positive opk) but did it twice that night so hope the sperm met the egg on time lol hoping to be pregnant by Xmas lol 

  • I came off BC last March 2015 and we weren't trying but weren't preventing. 

    I fell in May this year but sadly that ended in a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks. This is my 4th cycle actively trying but after this have decided to stop tracking and just let what will be, be. Far to stressful and getting a bit obsessive with it all. 

    I took seven seas last month but it lengthened my cycle so have stopped everything now. It happened before so should happen again.... if nothing happens by march next year I will see the doctor as I will be 37 then, and time will be running out for me. 

  • I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage must have been disappointing for you I hope you get your BFP soon fx for you. When is ur next period due? Mines due around the 18th, it's really stressful ttc and you always symptom spot as well which makes it ten times worse but u can't help but do nothing other then that and Google symptoms lol. Its really upsetting as a lot of people get pregnant first time not actually trying and people who are desperatly trying takes ages tc. I'm 24 I know I'm still young but I think being my age I shouldn't have problems conceiving but I must have lol image

  • they say the average is a year... but who knows.... when it happens it happens. I am due my period on Friday and pretty sure it will come as usual.... 

    my niece announced she was PG less than 2 weeks after my MC so that has been pretty rough to take. Especially as she was on the pill. I can't be around it and haven't seen her properly since..... too hurt by the insensitivity...

    i guess it's something you never get over really. Have to keep positive and hope that one day I will get my baby 

  • Well fx for you that ur period doesn't come and you get a BFP hun keep me updated and let me know and must be a good sign but my temp risen today so wait and see what happens now..  And yeah must be hard for you with your niece when u miscarried and she has a child i think in time you will get there and be able to finally be around the child. Your time will come you never know u could be lucky this cycle and get ur baby. Keep each other updated I will post my chart for today x

  • Ahhhh that temp rise is a good sign :) mine went up today too.... if it crashes tomorrow I will know that AF is due any minute! 

    Will keep you updated :) 

  • That's a good sign that yours went up to image fx we get our BFPs 

  • My tummy is cramping now so I think the witch will be here by the morning :( 

    good luck to you though :) 

  • My temp crashed today and AF is here :( 

    good luck to you for the next few days x

  • Oh no sorry to hear AF has showed her ugly face image I wish u the best of luck for next cycle. I had a huge temp drop today below cover line good sign or no? Been having heart palpitations all yesterday too. image

  • That's what mine did and was usual for me for AF :( 

  • Hope she isn't on her way ahh. How are u feeling today 

  • Bit frustrated at how light it is despite heavy cramping. Really bloated and horrendous heartburn still. 

    My periods have been so light since my MC am actually worried.... not even needing to use anything really, just am for comfort/peace of mind. It's so ridiculous.... my implantation bleed when I was PG was heavier than my periods have been.... if it doesn't come to anything this time then am going to make an appointment to see the doctor 

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