Weird spotting after miscarriage...pregnant?

Hi Ladies,

This is my first post on here...hi and help!

I had a miscarriage at 11 weeks while on holiday in NYC (horrendous !) and had a d&c. I spotted for about 2 wks), me and the hubby used protection until 5 wks after the miscarriage when I had 3 days of spotting. Mostly brown but a little red so I assumed it was AF. We started BD every day...yes every day...and 8 days later I started spotting brown again. It is super light, intermittent and lasted 5 days. i was having light cramps but also weird sensations/ pains like I did early the first time I was pregnant. Oh and my hubby said I had been like an evil witch on the hormone scale! I dont want to get excited or take another test and be heartbroken. what do u guys think? what are your post miscarriage experiences? x


  • So sorry for your loss.... I lost mine at 10 weeks in a July and had an ERPC with no bleeding afterwards and my AF came on time 28 days later so I can't help you on that score.

    could the pains and sickness be ovulation? Since the MC my ovulation symptoms are really pronounced where as before I never had any at all.... since MC my AFs have too been really light.... just brown spotting that lasts 24 hours or so. 

    It may be just your body getting back to normal... it would be unusual to ovulate 8 days after AF but our bodies are so complicated and trickery merchants nothing would surprise me :)

    we have a long running thread called trying to get pregnant after miscarriage part 10.... everyone is a great support on there and get me through my dark days x

  • Thanks for replying! I think inside I was hoping the first bleed was ov and the second implantation but Im probably massiveky clutching at straws. 

    Thank you for the group, ill check it out. it feels like 1 step forward 2 back with how im coping. Its been 7 weeks today since it happened and I just want to be able to properly try again. 

  • Yeah it's a long old slog.... everyone says you are more fertile after a MC but that's just a myth  but I didn't know that and relied on that so much and felt like a failure when I didn't get PG straight away.

    am on cycle 4 now and my period is due tomorrow am not going to track any more and just try and relax and see what happens 

  • I so relied on that too. It took me 4 months to have a normal period after I came off the pill and I just dont want to wait  that long. Everyone around me seems to sneeze and get pregnant. I actually still can't believe the miscarriage happened. It just seems so unfair.

    I said Id do that to. just log periods and when we had sex so that we had the info for later. what did ur doc say to you regarding how long it would take? 

  • Doctor didn't say anything... just said we could start trying again 4-6 weeks later.

    each month gets harder and harder... just feel like I am surrounded by pregnant women and my family are just obsessed with my nieces pregnancy and she just posts everything on FB. Talk about insensitive... I would never have done that if it had been the other way round. 

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