In my 2 week wait

Confused and need and my wife have been trying to have baby #2 for a year. I did AI Friday and Saturday of last week, we did AI twice to make sure i got enough sperm to the eges (sorry if its tmi) but the first insemination was on the 4th and the 2nd insemination was on the 5th I started my period that Sunday night on the 6th. it started out light brown, kinda pink/bright red. After a few minutes i felt pressure but it didnt hurt. went back for the second time to the toilet and notice that the bleeding became a lot heavier but I'm still on at the moment but I took out the tampon yesterday I didn't have any heavy bleeding, I don't have anything at all, but this morning I became brown spotting again and when i wiped myself it was a red tent. Not to mention Monday I had horrible cramps what could this be?? Please help me!!

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