Positive OPK? & Questions

So I have taken my first ever OPK test tonight and have a attached a picture of the test, am I right in thinking its definately positive?? 

Also, If positive is there any chance I could have ovulated yesterday or 2 days ago and missed my fertile window, and now be at the end of ovulation? 

Im going to test again tomorrow but just curious as I have never used OPK before So not sure if I would get a negative if my egg was already released? 

Any advice would be very much appreciated xx


  • thats positive..... ovulation will be in the next 12-36 hours :) good luck! 

  • That's a lovely strong positive!! It's possible it was positive yesterday as I'm guessing you didn't test then? Usually from your first positive opk you release your egg within 12-36 hours maximum so you are most fertile 4 days before this test and today/2mrw. If you've been baby dancing recently or tonight/2mrw youve as good a chance as any catching that egg!!!

    As soon as my opks start darkening(around cd10 for me)we start bd every other day or as much as possible until I get a positive test then for another 2 days until my opk has faded slightly then you know you are in the 2 week wait!!!😬 I ovulate normally between cd12-14 on a 28 day cycle:)

    If you take your temperature using a bbt thermometer and chart it as soon as your temp jumps by at least 0.2 of a degree you know the egg has released:)

    Good luck🍀🍀

  • No I didnt do a OPK the day before as they onky arrived yesterday. But I DTD lastnight and the previous night. 

    I done another OPK this morning but forgot to check it before leaving for work. So ill check it when i get home and do another one tonight. 

    Thanks for your advice 😊 Xx

  • You sound like you've covered  yourself  nicely get one more in later😉 Good luck x

  • So I have done 2 OPK today and both are negative, the lines arent even close to how dark yesterdays test was so looks like i have just caught ovulation and DTD on the right days xx

  • Your in the tww then !! 😬 Good luck 🍀

  • Thank you 🙏 Ill let you know what happens 😬 Xx

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