I think I'm pregnant?

Okay, so my period is 2 weeks late, and my schedule for ovulating is lined up when  I last had sex, and I've taken 4 "homemade" pregnancy test, and one store bought one. the "homemade" one came back positive but the store one is a negative .  I'm having symptoms  (fatigue, tender breasts, slight nausea at times) but I don't know :/


  • Personally, I wouldn't rely on a homemade pregnancy test! I would get another shop brought one, maybe a sensitive brand, and of that still shows negative then see your dr about all this! 

    Good luck x

  • 2 weeks? Thats a lot! Really hope that in 5 days or so you will get BFP and be happy :)

    There are so many people that are ttc, but can't sucseed, i think your sucsess will inspire a lot of women to keep trying. Please keep us u to date with that! xx

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