Faint line on my pregnancy test!

I took a pregnancy test when I got home tonight, and it showed a faint line. I know you're supposed to take them in the morning, but I couldn't wait. I wanted to know an answer. I just want someone to be real with me. Am I pregnan? 


  • Hello amber99, 

    Pregnancy tests are not like ovulation tests. So yes, in my opinion you are. Even with the faintest faint line (2nd line) you are! No matter if it was taken in the morning orin the evening. 

    From your message I couldn't figure it out, but I hope this was the answer you were looking for. Congratulations! X

  • Thank you for the response! I took 2 digital pregnancy tests, and they both came out negative. So I got really confused, and I decided to tear the digital apart to have a look at the lines. And they appear darker than the first one I've taken. I've read a lot that digital are the worst for showing false negatives Lol. 

  • Hope you are pregnant! Hope you will have charming small human soon. So sad that a lot of ladies can't have their own children because of various reasons, trust our healthcare will take care of it soon. Well done once more, fingers crossed for you!

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