2 faint positives @ 11dpo now all bfn

Hey everyone, Im really new to this and just need some advice! we have been ttc for 2 months. Currently I am 14 dpo and my af is due at any time... I couldnt wait so I took a few CB tests @ 11dpo and they both had a barely visible line within the time limit... since then I have bought CB and FR and they have all been bfn I am so confused, has anyone else experienced this? And what was the outcome? Thank you xx


  • Has anyone ever experienced this? First time ttc and really anxious :( 

  • Because you tested so early it might not pick up the hcg clearblue I find are unreliable the hcg is really high and might not pick up so early I'd try tesco own brand as they are only 15/20 mui re test with first morning urine every second day and give it some time to build up do you have a picture of the cb test 

  • Ah okay thank you, still no sign of af and now I'm late, still bfn! My partner threw them out by mistake :( I'll give it a few days and try again! thank you for your reply x

  • The CB early tests are notorious for evaporation lines I am afraid :( the pink dye tests are the best and most reliable to use 

  • I know I am so disheartened, af showed her ugly face about 10 minutes ago and she is not happy! i was so convinced I was too! next time I will just wait :( thank you for your help x

  • I had a false positive on a FRES a couple of cycles ago.... was devastated x

  • I'm sorry to hear that! It makes you feel crazy Seeing the positive and it still being bfn! thank you Hun, just going to wallow now in self pity 😄

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