What are my chances of being pregnant

Hello I am new to this, I a wondering what are my chances of being pregnant? so pretty much I got a possitive ovulation test 2 days ago I ovulated yesteeday(11/11) I had sex 09/11 10/11(morning and night) 

So I am wondering could I still be pregnant even though I didn't have sex on the day of ovulation 


  • Yeah Hun healthy sorry can last up to five days waiting for the egg in the correct surroundi but they say if you have sex too much the a perm isn't as fertile as it should be yiu should make him wait every other day they say x

  • Awh thank you for your reply I'm so excited I had a miscarriage last December I conceived last November so I was trying the same this year with my first one I conceived straight away so here is hoping, I honestly hope I am pregnant 

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