2 positives 2 weeks after period

Looking for advice. I had what i assumed was a period two weeks ago, lighter than normal but still needing sanitary towels and odd bits of clotting (sorry tmi). Anyway i felt pregnant and yesterday i took a first response. Its come up faint second line but very noticeable and its pink. Also took clearblue plus which also is positive. I have cheapie strips one is a faint shadow of a line but other 2 are negative. But in wondering why 2 name brand would show positive. I took opks because obviously i should be ovulating around now and theyre very dark. My question is, could these be accurate & im pregnant or is it just my body messed up. I cant post a photo but hoping anyone can give some sort of advice.My last thread didn't make much sense hence this new one. Could i be pregnant?


  • The ICs aren't very good... a lady on another thread had positives on CB digi and Asda own but the IC are still negative 

    good luck 

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