TTC after having the implant removed.

Hey gals,

Im hoping you might be able to shed some light on the situation.

me and my boyfriend are try for our first baby, I had my implant removed a couple weeks a go (28th Oct ) I had withdrawal bleed the day after, and carried on for a week, but I've had nothing since but the problem I have is that I was on the pill for about 3 years(ish) before I had the implant and didn't have AF on the mini pill or on the implant. so I cant remember when my last period was or when it should be.

we did a test at the start of this week just in case I was after having the implant taken out because they said you can still get pregnant if you have sex the same week as having implant taken out. but unfortunately it was negative (which we were both expecting but was hopeful).

we've done the deed since but trying to wait as long as possible before we test but it is killing us inside waiting (it feels so long).

Sorry for the long story but trying to give as much info as possible, I was just wondering if anybody else can shed some light on the situation or can tell me how long it was till they went back to normal, as it is annoying me as I cant find anything online, not even on medical websites :)

thanks in advance and good luck to everyone :)


  • I got the implant removed on the 22nd of February and fell pregnant that same week now due a wee boy in 2 weeks time, I never had a period on the implant just bled constantly and when I did have it taking out I had no bleeding what so ever. The way my dates have worked out I fell pregnant 4 days after getting it removed.

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