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hiya ladies,

Right.. first if all I have polycystic ovarian syndrome that can be very painful to the point I can't walk. Now is my prime time to try have a baby. Me and boyfriend don't use any contraception and we are more active that not.. however we aren't like rabbits lol. im on the seven seas conception tablets, only started them 5 days ago. For a little over a week I've been experience some different feelings and pains compared to the Ines I get with my condition. 

Sharp pain in right side                   stomach ache in lower tummy      Back ache.                                 Thick "jelly" clear discharge when I wipe                                      Tiredness                                      And instead of having that amazing feeling when I take of my bra my breasts just ache..

i have an u/s in 2 weeks to do with my condition, I ALWAYS do a pregnancy test before any scans and test with my gynie just because I'd rather find out at home and tell my partner first rather than find out with some stranger haha.

is it worth testing early? What do you think? 


  • This sounds like ovulation Hun.. What day are you in the cycle? do you have a regular cycle xx

  • Hi Emma, 

    Oh yaaay that's good!!

    sounds bad but I couldn't tell you, I don't have periods enough or for long enough to know. My last one started 1st October (my anniversary.. typical) and it was just spotting that stopped by the 3rd/4th and the one before that was March for about a day... xx

  • Ahh right ok Hun it's a trick one no harm I testing Hun.. it sounds like ovulation to be thouGo as the cM x

  • Tested this morning and it was negative, thank you for input chick xoxo 

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