Hi everyone, 

sorry im new to this but need just honest direct answers and cant understand what the direct answer is from various other sites and posts. 

Me and my wife are trying for a child (i am also female and the carrier) we have seen our donor a few time now with no luck, however this month I have come on my period 4 days early which never happens I am always to the day. I have read a lot about insemination bleeding  can't make out if I'm experience this or a normal period. 

Sorry for the TMI but my flow is medium to heavy and stomach cramps are painful.

could this be insemination or is this just my normal period (some sites have said super early miscarriage) 

any help or information would be greatly received thankyou everyone x


  • Do you track your ovulation with temping? You may have ovulated at a different time and that's why? I ovulate between cd10-14 so my periods are any time between 24-28 day cycles.

    if it is an IB then it will take 4 days or so for a PG test to show as positive 

  • Hi flybutterflyfly 

    I have always been on a 26 day cycle and from ovulation testing my 11th and 12th are my days. Having tried to conceive on these days this month, I am confused as to why my period is now coming early when it never has before. I'm going to guess it's just probably a normal period that has just come early? 

  • It should only come early if you ovulated early as the time between ovulation and period doesn't change.... last month for the first time ever I geared up for OV but didn't because of stress and I ended up on a 31 day cycle.... as eventually OVd 3 days lat. I have never ever been more than 28 days and I am 36 years old!!!! Only once did I ovulate on cd10. This time was cd13 but only know that because I temp. 

    Trixky one. Could be IB if you are sure you OVd then

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