Advice please

Hi i ovulated last tuesday since this date my body temp has stayed risen to the same temp. My temp jumped from 34.9 on the tuesday to 36.0 on the wednesday thats how i no i ovulated. My temp has not dropped below this since then its been 36.3 everyday since. Is the continuous rise in temp an early sign of concieving? Many thanks.


  • Your temps will stay high after ovulation.... if Ph has occurred it will stay high but if AF is coming it will drop. Mine stays high and then drops the day of AF

  • My af is due next tuesday or there abouts as im normaly a day or two late. So far my temp is still at 36.4 which is slightly higher than my ovulation spike temp. Should it have normaly have gone down by now or is it normal to still be this high? 

  • It's normal to stay high until AF is due :) 

    this is my chart from last month.... ignore the dodgy spikes on the weekend of bonfire weekend as I didn't take my temps at correct times :) 


  • Also you won't ever be a day or two late, it will depend on when you ovulate...... I used to say that but over the last few months I have learned about tracking etc and the point between OV and AF will never change, so my luteal phase is 14 days and I ovulate on different days between cd10-14.... last month I ovulated on day 13 so my cycle was 27 days but other months have been 26 and 28 days. 

    once you work out your LP and your actual OV day, you will be able to know when your are due your AF and be more accurate with testing... fertility friend is a good app for it as it gives you the crosshairs when OV is confirmed :) hope that helps. 

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