A little confused!


Im confused!

So I had my coil taken out on the 3rd and my period was due a week later which was a thurs, I'm normally very regular but it didn't arrive until the sat which was just spotting, heavier Sunday and Monday and then spotting tues, my periods normally last a full week.

So this morning, i decided to do an ovulation test (cheapie) do I can see when in my cycle I ovulate and there is a very faint positive line!

So am I ovulating so soon after AF? Is there a chance my period could have been maybe a withdrawal bleed or something with it being so light?



  • An OPK is only positive if the line is equal strength to or darker than the control line. I always have a line on my OpKs as we always have LH in our bodies, it just gets stronger as we gear up to ovulate... it should start to get darker now in the lead up to ovulation, so start doing them every day now 

  • Brilliant, thank you, i didn't realise that's how it worked xxx

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