Am I pregant

Hi. I've been trying to get pregant since end of march. not long after me and my husband lost our first born. 

I'm currently 3 days late and I feel pregant. p (very rarely get any sort of signs ir symptom with my periods... 

I've taken like 5 pregancy tests.. different brands. ;

Day 1

First responce : very faint possitive. can't see line in pic bc so faint 

Day 2

Super drugs own... both possitive still faint... one of the tests the possitive dissapered 😦

Days three 


Digital- not pregant 

Not digital... I couldn't tell...

What do you guys think am I pregant or not ? ???



  • i would say leave it a few days and do another test, the digital ones aren't usually as sensitive so wont pick up if your really early in pregnancy. The middle test looks a faint positive. Defo try and test again in a couple of days to see what it says then xx

  • I went to the Drs today and they want me to bring a sample in tomorrow morning to send of to the hospital... I really hope i am

  • I think I could be pregnant though it's probably too soon to tell. I'm not due on for another week but have been feeling very tired. I took a test first thing this morning and a faint line appeard but it didn't appear within the time frame. I did two tests yesterday using sainsburys cheap tests and the same thing happened. Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated! 


  • I'd say it's too early to tell wait till you. are late  . ... you shouldn't count possitive tests after the time allocation on the test as it could be giving you fault possitive... 

  • Did you receive test ? fingers crossed for you 

  • Update ...For anyone watching this I went to the doctors and it came back negative but... I tested 9 days later as I was still getting symptoms and no period and I'm pregnant... I'm over the moon... baby number 2 🙊 

    I have midwife on the 14th so not long ahhh... last about 7 weeks have been crazy. landed in hospital very early pregnancy as my heart rate was going nuts. att this point I didn't know I was pregnant yet... even with baby number one the first few week my body freaked but hopefully things are settling down now. having morning sickness... more like all day sickness but it's all worth it for my baby... imageimageimage

  • Wow Miranda that's nuts, 12+ days to get a bfp. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  • HI guys I have been wondering if I am pregnant or not my boobs have been hurting real bad and i took a test this morning and got this but not getting my hopes up yet let me know what you think if this is a positive or not image

  • Yes I would say you are very much pregnant, either very high hcg or over 4 weeks, congratulations 

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