Please help, am I pregnant? :) x

Hello, ive just ovulated on the 6/11/16 my partner and I have been trying to conceive we've had two miscarriages and both times I haven't realised I was pregnant till later on, but this time I'm tracking everything I've had nausea, headaches, diarreah, cramps, fatigue, hot flashes and mood swings, 3 days after I ovulated I was really really angry and cryied over the smallest of things, it happened for another 2 days and has come back again today. I've hardly had fatigue and also hardly have sore nipples. Today (12 dpo) I took a pregnancy strip (high sensity) and I am more than certain it had a really really faint line although Im not sure if I actually seen a line or Am just going mad, but at about 5am I recieved sharp/ pulling cramps in my right pelvic, and than cramps in the left side which wasn't as bad of cramps but the left side lasted like 3 seconds (right pelvic cramps lasted quite abit) I'm so sorry if this hardly makes sense but can someone please help, am I pregnant? Thank you xo 



  • If you ovulated on the 6th then you are only 10dpo... 1dpo would be the 7th so the day after ovulation....

    all you can do is wait and see if the line gets stronger / AF arrives. Testing early always runs the risk of picking up a chemical pregnancy so it is best to wait a missed period.... although I never do that! 

    I have convinced myself each cycle I am PG and haven't been, so am trying to relax this time round.

    good luck X

  • Thank you! im new at this whole ovulation stuff but I got the positive on the 5th so I think I ovulated on the 7th? :) 

    yeah im trying not to convince myself but I can't help it

    thank you so much! X

  • Oh wait I just read your message properly! Thank you I was counting from the day I ovulated :) thank you 

  • Ovulated on the 6th** sorry not 7th

  • Thank you xx :) 

  • Tested this morning and got a faint line but it's still what I was hoping for!! I got my BFP! ❤️❤️

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    Hi girls I hope you's don't mind me jumping in if I'm posting in the wrong thread please point me in the right dirrction! 

    Forst of all huge congrats on your bfp emkay!! 

    I have been ttc after a Mmc in June and this month I am hoping I have caught! I was did my af on 16th this month but was feeling pregnant about a week before so took a test last sat and it was neg so I waited and in day ad due and didn't arrive took another and got a very faint line I took another 2 the 2 following days and they where the same a very faint positive! I took the last one on Thursday and thought I will now hold off until Sunday (tomorrow) in the hope to get a darker line. Can I ask your opinion please on what u make of my test I took and also advice on which test would be best to use tomorrow? 

    sorry for the long post!! Thanks ladies! X

  • seems like you're Pregnant, Congrats!!! The first response pregnancy test you can get from Coles/Woolworths also you can get clear blue pregnancy tests from there to indicate the weeks you are and to tell you if you're pregnant, ive heard they're good too :) goodluck! Although seems like you're already pregnant with the amount of tests you've taken and they all have a faint line :) xx 

  • Thanks so much I am going out today so will end up spending a fortune on tests now to try and convince myself it's actually true lol don't want to believe it until I get a good strong pos lol x

  • googluck!! Strong or faint line, either way is positive :) xx

  • Thanks emkay I will keep you posted lol ! And u do the same lol!!! 

  • definitely! :) xx

  • gemjooks how'd it all go? Xx

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    now to get booked in with the docs!! Tbh I'm more nervous/anxious than excited at the minute because of my mc  in June but in trying to be positive! How are u getting on??

  • Congrats!! Omg same! ive had tso, one last year and one this year, im hoping it all goes well for not only us but everyone else :) xx

  • I don't know you but I'm so excited for us both!! Xx

  • This is my one :) 

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