Missed miscarriage and now pregnant

hello, I'm new to this site. Basically, I fell pregnant last month I was only around 4 weeks then the day after a positive test I had a bad bleed and the tests became negative so I put it down to a missed misscarriage. This was on the 25th October.  Iv taken a test today and it's positive again, 18th November so I assume a new pregnancy. I'm just confused as to when to go by last period as I didn't technically have one? Would I time it by the misscarriage?


  • A missed miscarriage is when the baby stops developing but you continue to carry for several weeks more. I had one in July.... my 10 week scan picked up the baby had died at 7 weeks.

    if you bled on 25 October then that is the first day of your cycle.... it seems pretty quick to be picking up a new pregnancy, but it could be possible. Are you using the same sensitivity tests now that you used to confirm the original PG? Did you see a doctor afterwards to confirm a miscarriage? Is it possible it was just a small bleed and you are in fact still pregnant? 

  • Hello sorry I didn't mean missed miscarriage my mistake I ment chemical pregnancy. I had spoken to the doctor over the phone and he said that because I am now getting negative tests and the bleeding is like a period to assume that yes it was a misscarriage as there will be no hcg left in my system. I'm using the same tests now and I feel it's a new pregnancy as it's been 3 weeks since I got a positive last.  X

  • It sounds like its possible then, but would be very early days..... ovulation would usually be 14 days after a period on a 28 day cycle so it's possible.... fingers crossed for you. 

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