4+hpt but - at doctors

hi i was just wondering if anyone else has been in my situation, i did a cheap pregnancy test yesterday and got a + result so i went and bought a clear blue digital and that also came back + 1-2 weeks, been to the doctors amy done a urine sample and that has come back negative so was upset but i have done another cheap test and clear blue digital test today and both positive am very confused 


  • Hi i got a positive test with my youngest son the day before I was due on, I just knew I was definitely pregnant so went to doc and had exactly the same thing as you, it is upsetting I cried but I just knew I was, i put it down to the fact it was an afternoon appointment, I kept testing at home and took 5 positive tests in to an appointment the following week, just to reassure you it can happen, best of luck x

  • thank you they have taken my bloods to just got to wait for results back now

  • You def must be else you wouldn't have had the positives so I'm gonna whisper congrats 😊 hope all goes well for you 

  • Doctors tests aren't as sensitive as home pregnancy tests so that's probably why! Nothing to worry about if clear blue says 1-2 then you must defo be preggers as I've never known those to do a false positive!! Congratulations xxx

  • Thanks it just so confusing it's been the first ever positive me and my partner have had after ttc for 2 years 

  • Fingers are tightly crossed for a healthy and happy outcome 🍀😊

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