what do people thik of ovulation tests

me an my boyfriend are trying for a baby, and as this will be our first time (and were quite nervous and excited at the same time ) and me not having a period for nearly 3 years, I have a good feeling that my first couple AF's will be all over the place and I was wondering would it be worth getting a ovulation test or one of those clear blue fertility things just to kind get an idea on when im ovulating.

unfortunately AF hasn't arrived yet .....

thanks in advance  :) 


  • I dont like ovulation tests. They show if your body's hormones are gearing up for ovulation, they don't show for sure if it actually happened. Tracking your basal body temperature is better because just after you ovulate you get a big temperature spike but you have to do it for a couple of months so you can plan to have sex a couple of days before ovulation day, not just on or after ovulation day or the egg might already have died. They only live 24-36 hours max. Sperm can live for 3 or 4 days inside you. Have sex every couple of days throughout your cycle after your period and you should concieve anyway. That's what i did. Good luck on your ttc journey! x

  • Thanks, how do you measure your temp?? xx

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