help ovulation

Hi ladies.  So I'm very new here. I have been wanting a child of my own most my life but have never got pregnant.  I have very irregular periods and some times i even bleed to much.  Ive been with my husband 4 years now and we have had test upon test done and found nothing wrong with either of us.  I was told to loose weight and have struggled over the last year.  I managed to loose some weight in September but the doctor said it wasn't enough.  Now i have put weight on again and he refuses to put me on clomifene til i loose weight and get my bmi down to 30 ( its currently at 32).  This time when i went to the hospital i persuaded the hubby to come for moral support.  I have been on a period for 3 weeks now and the doctor has given me some medroxyprogesterone which appently  will stop this current period and he has give given me 2 months of clomifene to start on my next period.  Im sooo excited he has finally given me the tablets but i was wondering what else can i do to help ovulation? It seems due to blood test results i wasn't ovulating at all :( 

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