Scared to hope

I have been TTC for the past 6 years and been disappointed all these years . Now I an scared to even do a hone test or visit the ob-gyn. Tge following has been happening to me for the past 2 weeks;

1. Heavy and achy breasts, around the breast not on the nipple. My nips were tingly in the first of the two weeks only.

2. I'm sleeping a loooooot

3. Always exhausted 

4. Pee frequently in the morning and during the night 

5, eating a looot (stress maybe?)

6. Bloated and constipated for the past week. Gassy also

7. Leg, stomach cramps, backache, all very mild.

With all these happening and no show of a period, which is highly irregular, I'm hopeful then again I'm so scared. Your thoughts?


  • I hope you are successful. Wait until you have passed your longest cycle and then take a preg test. Have you had fertility treatments and tests to see why you can't concieve? Six years is such a long time. Doctors should test and treat you after even one year without success.

  • Tariro I hope this is your BFP you absolutely deserve it after 6 long years!!!

    Take a test your symptoms sound promising 😊

  • After several tests I was told my reproductive system is perfectly normal.and they couldn't find why i cannot conceive. My partner was tested as well, no problems, they said its just a matter of time, but 6 years??? There was a time when the doc tried clomid on me but it didn't work. Still cannot bring myself to test, giving it another week 

  • Still stalling, will test in a week.... Thank you for the hope boost! 

  • Your very strong I would do a pg test at least you know one way or the other!!:)

  • Thank you! Waiting it out for a week, then I'll test, will let you know how it goes 

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