TTC- Implantantion bleeding yes or no?

Hello everyone,

I am seeking a wee bit of help :/ with my fiancé we are TTC for the last couple of months, I have been on a pill for 5 years,with coming off this July, we have been trying since September, however, my cycle is crazy, first 2 after pill were fine 28/29 days, but the next one was 44 days ( with ovulation stick being positive at day 14 and! 32 :D) the thing is that that period at 44 days was really weird one, spotting for 2 days then it went on to be crazy and then again spotting ( I used to have 4/5 day periods prior and with pill with first 2 days being horrible with really bad cramps) and I had only medium like cramps that time, but since then I was again using ovu sticks and we had sex day before and on a day my ovu stick was positive, it has been exactly 14 days today and I have been bleeding for last 3 days, however first day was really just spotting then on second day it was little bit more and yesterday again just a wee bit ( it had all the colours pink, brown, little bit of red), with NO cramps at all, I had some cramps last week, just a wee ones, maybe implantation? I have tested but it came negative so I am wondering if you guys think I can still be pregnant or is it just really minor period? How long should I wait to test again?

Thank you! 

All the best xxx


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