Evap line or bfp?!

Hi, I'm new to this so bear with me ☺️ Ttc for 4 months now, periods are like clockwork however I am a day late. 

Ive taken a clear blue test which showed me this (attache'd) is this an evap line? 

Thanks xximage


  • Anyone?! 🙄🙈

  • This looks like a positive to me. did the result show up within the time limit? 

  • Yes, showed up straight away, although in different lights you can't really see it 😕

  • imageimageimage

    I know how you feel as I am going through this at the moment. i will post pictures of my results although they are a lot fainter than yours. I have edited some of them so you can see them more but hey are definitely there! 

  • Wow, looks positive to me Hun. How many dpo are you?

  • Well the thing is I'm not actually trying to conceive at the moment. I'm currently taking the pill but over the last week I have had nausea and feeling very light headed. 'my boobs are also sore and my stomach is crampy! My last period was around 10 days ago but it was extremely light and only lasted about 2-3 days. I just don't feel right I feel there is something off. The first test I done was last Tuesday which was the pink one. as you can se it's quite visible and the blue one was today and one the day before yesterday. the line just doesn't seem to be getting any darker which is worrying :( 

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