Hi I'm 13dpo and AF is 3 days late. At 6am I did a FRER and got a faint BFP. I had to go to Dr's for something else ando nurse did a test...BFN. I did a test when I got home (Waitrose own) and got another faint BFP. I'm so confused 😣 someone on Glow said they think I've had a chemical pregnancy but I haven't had any spotting yet. is there hope or not? imageimage


  • Doctors tests aren't as sensitive as the early tests we can buy.... wait a few more days and test again.... if the line is darker then go back to the Doctors.... sounds like you aren't late on AF if still not picked up on docs tests.... maybe you ovulated later than you thought.... time after ovulation is usually around 14 days so maybe it is just still too early. Good luck 

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