Pregnancy on the combined pill...

Hi just wondering if anyone on here could maybe give me some advice or tell me about there experience....

I started taking my 1st ever pill pack on the 14th of October  (2nd day of period) as instructed by my doctor. Continued to take the pill daily near enough the same time each day up until the last 7 days of the pill I missed around 3-4 pills due to being careless and I definitely missed the last pill in the pack. Due to me missing these pills I had what I assumed was a breakthrough bleed for 2 days before I was meant to be on my 7 days break and assumed this was my period to then be told it wasn't. 

Since then as the weeks have gone on iv been experienceing more and more pregnancy symptoms and I stoll haven't had a period since this so called withdrawl bleed so calculated my last period was the 13th October 🙈 could i be pregnant what are the chances?

Also no longer on the pill and it was a combined pill.

Thanks xx


  • If your last period was 13th October and you are pregnant, you'd be 6 weeks tomorrow so the only way to know for sure is take a test. You can buy them for £1 in asda, I'd try one of those first of all as any hormones would be high enough by now to detect (so you dont need to invest in an early response one..which tend to be more expensive)

    However, it does sound like your breakthrough bleed to me.

  • Thank you blossimo just a little confused as I got my break through bleed early due to missing a few pills which is normal but period wise I have had none since the 13th October when I began taking my pill is this normal if I'm no longer raking the pill? thank you xx

  • Hi,

    Yes, it can take a while for your period to come back after taking the pill. As you was only on the pill for a month you might find AF arrives sometime soon :)

  • Well fingers crossed it does assume iv been having all the pains all week and felt like it is coming but no bleed as of yet! will test Saturday to rule it out thank you for your reply I'll upstate on Saturday and let you know xx

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