Am I pregnant? Faint line on test

Hey guys, would like some input. Me and my other half are getting married in June, and we are not actively trying to conceive but arent trying to prevent it either, as we both thought it would take some time to conceive.

However, Ive had loads of spots on my face and chest, way worse than I ever was as a teenager, my boobs also feel 'heavy' but are only slightly sensitive. Still felt weird enough to think of testing, Ive tested today, when I would normally expect my period and got a very faint line. However I did have a diathermy Loop treatment on my cervix for abnormal cells in September so unsure whether that would impact when my period is due asimage it was a few weeks late last month.

What do you guys think, is this is a positive pregnancy test? This was after about 3-5 minutes at 6am this morning before leaving for work, but a very definite faint line...



  • That's definitely positive :) congratulations x

  • I would say its definitely positive. Congratulations xx

  • Thanks Ladies! just dont want to get too excited or think its a BFP if it isnt. 

    Have you had experience in getting a faint line in pregnancy? I've never been pregnant before so have no idea what to expect, I just thiught it would be the same colour and darkness as the control line! 

    Thanks girls. Think I might test a couple more times! xx

  • imageimageimage

    Hi do these look like they are positive they have a very faint line and are early response tests from boots

  • I just got exactly the same result!  Was it a positive?  Xx

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