Temping....need help

So ladies i started temping this month. Had a peak CBDO test this month on 17th.

I had a major dip below cover line 4dpo and then my temp had risen 0.3 at 5dpo and another 0.3 at 6dpo 

Please see my chart? Is this a good sign??? Tested today as im.a test freak and got BFN image


  • Can anyone help me??? Have i ovulated?? Am i pregnant or am i just looking to much into things xx

  • Looks like you have ovulated but you won't get a BFP until at least 10dpo.... implantation happens beyween 6-12dpo so its still too early to tell. Good luck 

  • Ive got cramps on eitther side of my lower stomach and keep feeling really tired and sleeping ages in bed...also have lower back twinges...xx

    Does this chart look like a good month xx

  • To be honest you just can't tell.... I have been temping and trying since a MC in July and each month I have convinced myself I am.... it's hard but you just have to try and relax and wait until it's time to test. Doesn't help I know, but you just can't tell from Temps and symptoms like that. Wish we could 

  • image

    Todays chart hows it looking???

  • Like i said before, you just can't tell.... temps will stay high after ovulation and stay high until your period is due. If BFP it will stay high if not then it will go low when the hormone levels drop to bring on AF. All you can do is wait until 10dpo to start testing if you are an early tester or wait for period. Have also heard of temps dropping and then going high again.... it differs from woman to woman. I use it to confirm ovulation.... it stays high until the day of my period and will then crash right down. 

    there is no way to tell from temps on a day to day basis. 

    Just a waiting game am afraid 

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