Hi. This morning i tested with a digital clear blue and it came back with a bfp. However since yesterday i have been spotting with some slight cramps. My af was due on tuesday. Is this something i should be worried about? Yesterday the spotting was brown and today its more pink. Its not heavy at all just see it when i wipe. 


  • Talk to your doctor if you're worried. x

  • That sounds really strange, you should 100% go to your doctor. Things like that may not seem benefitial but in fact can indicate some problems. Btw, really happy for your bfp, I wish i could see mine one day... Best wishes! 

  • Spotting is completely normal in early pregnancy but it's best to get it checked out. Just be mindful that it may be too early to pick up on a scan and depends on the skill of the radiographer. My consultant scanned me at 3 weeks and saw the bean at just 1mm so that's how small it will be :)

    good luck x

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