TTC 6 months after depo injection

Hello, im new here and thought that a chat with other people trying to conceive or who are pregnant can help me.
Basically after acknowledging that the injection can cause fertility and conception issues I decided to come off it. my last injection that I was meant to have was the 30th of june which I didn't go for, so I have now been off the injection for 6 months, for 3-4 months I have been having periods and for the last 2 months they have been regular.
I was just wondering how early have people got pregnant after the depo as me and my partner are trying for a baby now.


  • I stopped in March 2015 and I fell pregnant in May 2016. we werent actively trying though and I was quite ill with a bad back. I fell 2 months after having surgery in March this year. I was told it took a year to get out your system. Had we been trying properly and I was In a better physical state it may have been sooner. However I was on a lot of meds and still fell. 

    My periods came back normal straight away but I was never tracking so don't know when I started ovulating again.

    Good luck x

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