11 days late ! CD33 & 25Dpo !

Warning : very detailed .

Hello ! Okay so last month , I got my period around the 23rd after my first month of TTC . it lasted 3 days longer then usual , and was accompanied by large blood clots . it ended on the 29th . 

On the 31st of October , I started spotting . This lasted two more days until it stopped . I looked it up and used and ovulation calculator and it showed that 9/10 I would have ovulated on the 31st . so me and my partner made sure to have intercourse that whole entire week . 

My period was due November 14th ( I have 22 day cycles ) . but surprisingly I missed it ! I took a dollar store cheapie the day before , of and after aunt flo decided not to show up . Of course they were big fat negatives . I waited 2-3 days and used a rite aid one step pregnancy test , but all I got was the faintest NEGATIVE line ever ! It was so much more lighter then the control line . 

Fast forward because I haven't had any type of symptoms , beside gas , bloating , ONCE a metallic taste in my mouth , but no bleeding gums and yes that's all . I don't feel pregnant at all , and I am a A cup and there's no blue veins , sore nipples , or dark areolas , just little bumps around my areola that have formed . 

Anyways today around 11pm ( thanksgiving day !! ) I had some minor spotting ! Very light pink like ovulation spotting , that turned brown the next time I went to the bathroom . no pain accompanied by it though and I don't feel any PMS . 

LAST THING : I don't track bbt , I was on Birth control for one month, 2 years ago . and I'm constantly tracking my CM and CP . and ever since the day before my period , it rose very high , closed and felt like a pair or lips , also the Cm that accompanies it , is normally very creamy and very plentiful .

Has anybody ever experienced anything like this ? Should I brace myself for aunt flow soon or is it possible I may be pregnant ? I haven't tested for at least 4 days , because I'm not in the mood for all the negatives !


  • You can't get faint negatives... if there was a line then it's positive... have you taken any more tests? 

    If you are getting negatives I would doubt that you are 25dpo.... a luteal phase is usually 16 days max.... apps are not reliable to predict ovulation.... every person is different and the apps just use averages. I ovulate on a different day each month so I have to temp. 

    Cycle length is based on when you ovulate... if you are getting negatives then it's just a case of waiting for your period or maybe see your doctor for blood work. But if you have had a faint positive previously then test again

  • I missed my period already ! I'm now 11 days late tbh . and maybe I ovulated later but I strongly believed I ovulated around the 31st - 2nd because I experienced light spotting . but yesterday I spotted a small amount of pink mixed with CM the first time i used the bathroom and then brown the second time  . I thought I was over for and my period would start but I woke up to nothing and when I checked my cervix there was no blood or anything .

  • Take another pregnancy test? It might be hard for you to get pregnant with such a short cycle but there are things that a doctor can do to help you extend it.

  • Unless you can pinpoint ovulation it's difficult to advise. 'Maybe you should order some OpK sticks and temp... temping is the only way to confirm ovulation for sure. after ovulation, period should arrive between 10-16 days later...      or 19 days after sex during fertile period.    

  • Update : So I researched a lot more and I realized 9/10 I did not ovulate on the 31st - 2nd , and I cannot explain the spotting that I experienced . so I doubt I'm " 25dpo " .  today I experienced what I thought was my period , I went to the bathroom , and like 3 drops of light oink blood came out , when I wiped I braced myself to see more but there wasn't anything ! I checked my cervix and still nothing ! Now I'm just laying down , and I'm having some weird sharp twinges in my left abdomen and in my chest . I want to wait at least 3 days until I test even though I haven't tested for a week. This is my LONGEST Cycle ever ! 35 days ??? 

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