Is this a BFP? 12 dpo, help!


  • Id say yeah 😊 Congrats 

  • Do you think Emma? Thanks! Eek! Im 12 dpo after clomid and had a faint positive yesterday too, today's was stronger though. Im hopeful but still nervous!

  • Oh yes it looks it, congratulations xxx

  • Thanks BeckyAndRainbows, I hope so!!!

  • Yep, I agree with the ladies above - looks positive to me! Congrats! 

    My first test looked just like that, and I didnt know if it was or not because it was so faint, and Im now 18w 4d!! 

  • Thanks bubbamumma1, how many days did it take before it became strong positive? Did you do a different type of test?

  • I did a clear blue plus (the non-digital one) the day my period was due (so a couple of days later) and got a much stronger positive! To be honest, I re-tested a few times with these little strips (Im strange!!) and still got quite a faint result at around 12 weeks! However, I've had an early emergency scan, my dating scan, and a private scan and baby is growing well and no issues at all - so I think some of those little strip tests dont have much dye in them (mine were all from the same batch!) Test using a supermarket own brand or the clear blue plus and you'll have a better result with first morning wee! But you are pregnant - yay! 

  • Ya I did the clear blue and came up strongly positive straight away, phew! thanks all 

  • Yay, congratulations! Glad it's stronger and set your mind at rest! X

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