Hello ladies

We are trying to conceive for the past couple of months (due to travelling and smear test my cycle has been a bit funny) - I decided to use an ovulation test kit and we were very active during the ovulation days. My period is due in 3 days so I am very nervous and hope that I am pregnant, but I am quite worried since last week (7 days ago) we had a work party and I drank plenty. Could this potentially have an affect this cycle in form of an unsuccessful pregnancy? I am just so worried that I drank too much (5-6 glasses of wine) and that this could affect this.

Does anyone have any information regarding consuption of alcohol before your period is actually late? Would appreciate your help!


  • I wouldn't worry too much... we have to live our lives.... if you stopped because of "just in case" the we wouldn't do anything. Plenty of ladies don't realise they are pregnant and go on to have healthy pregnancies. 

    I found out I was pregnant despite being on morphine and strong pain killers and having nights out. 

    just try and relax. Drinking alcohol won't affect your cycle 

  • Just got my period this morning, I am so upset :(

  • It's frustrating isn't it? Rest assured though, having a drink wouldn't have Affected things 

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