Implantation or early period

Hi please Hide my identity. I just want to ask if anyone had this problem before.
i had my last menstrual period on Nov 1, (1 day earlier than my expected period was so light, no cramps and clots sorry for TMI) lasted 4 days then 3 days after that i had brown discharge after intercourse just a minimal need not even to wear a liner then stopped right away, it is weird when i was at work i also had a brown discharge and i started feeling PMS on nov 15 and on nov 23 I had again this brownish discharge and on 24th I started bleeding so does an on and off cramps meaning i am 4 to 5 days early for my next period which was supposed to be on 28th but this bleeding seems like my period only lighter than usual today 26th I only have spotting .. could this be an implantation bleeding or what? husband and i have been ttc for 8 months. and if i can remember this is the first time that this happened to me. im regular on 28 days cycle.
Please help. Thanks and God bless..
P.S I took HPT on nov 19 and it was Negative.. I took the test bcoz I was feeling pregnant all the symptoms are present except for the missed period.

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