Assistance ladies please

So I had a misscarriage at 5 weeks November 14th and the bleeding lasted on and off for about 10 days finishing Thursday 24th November.

 I had visited my doctor he said that we could try again as soon as we felt ready. the bleeding seemed to stop around about Thursday 17th and I did an ovulation test and it came back positive. did a bit of research and found that you can ovulate the same time that you usually would so I thought ok and we did the deed both Thursday and the Saturday. I tested again for ovulation Saturday and Monday and Saturday it was a yes and Monday a no which would fall in line with when I would usually ovulate. I then starTed to bleed again but it was very little to none at all and finished on the Thursday (if had also changed from red to brown as if it was the last of it) 

Anyway last night I went to the loo and wiped and I had bright pink blood. like it was really bright pink but only one wipes worth.

Today it's brown again but barely there only sort of when I wipe and a tiny amount.

I'm so confused now because I dont get how it could have stopped then had one spot of bright pink then sort of start again but not really and be brown again. 

Any ideas what this is?

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