Faint positives, Neg. Digital's? HELP

on the 21st i took a HPT and it came back with a light positive, i then tested like a nut everyday. I am still getting faint positives but the digital tests that i have taken all say not pregnant? i am confused could this be a chemical pregnancy? i am now 1 day past my expected period, but i also don't have that regular of a period. I do normally have symptoms such as bad cramping and bloating but i have nothing at all to signify that my period is going to start. I do have sore boobs, nausea, i have been gagging ALOT, and i'm going pee more. I don't want to get excited about being pregnant and with the digital's all saying not pregnant does this mean i am prob not???? please if anyone has an experience to share or any words of advice i would appreciate it greatly!!!!!!!!


  • The digitals are, pardon my language, a bit shit. And a waste of money. They are not as sensitive as the normal tests and can give you false negatives if you have low hormone levels. Seriously so many women on this forum have had this issue. Try a normal first response test as they are the most sensitive you can buy and see if the line is darker than the lines you've had so far and make sure you use your first morning urine. If the faint positive lines you are getting have appeared within the time limit on the instructions then you are pregnant image

  • thank you but when I tested today and got an even more faint line. Almost not even there so i'm thinking maybe it was a chemical. I am going in tomorrow to get a blood test done. 

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