Ttc period came 1 day late, pregnancy symptoms.

Hi, just wondering if anyone could help.Just wondering what's going on and google isn't really helping. So been ttc for about 3 months now. Since OV on the 11th Nov I've had def pregnancy symptoms. Very sore boobs, bloating, back ache, feeling dizzy ect. Then on Thursday (13 dpo) I got some very light brown spotting which I thought might be implantation bleed. Nothing 14 dpo or 15 dpo (Day 15 af was due) Now 16 dpo and it looks as thought af may be here, although seems a bit lighter than usual. So 1 day late on period which is very unusual for me, im very regular, but still having pregnancy symptoms. Any idea what it could be? 


  • It could be just an off cycle, could be implantation or a chemical pregnancy.  have you tested 

  • I haven't tested yet, was going too tomorrow morning. But the bleeding has gotten much heavier to the point where I'm having to change pads every few hours (sorry tmi). Still getting pregnancy symptoms but I've a feeling it might be a chemical pregnancy :( 

  • sorry to hear that

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