Confused with the pregnancy test results

hi, I took  pregnancy test this morning but I'm little bit confused with the faint line! image

Can anyone help?



  • Looks positive to me! I did one today and line wasn't as solid so unsure. Test in 2 days and it should be darker! congratulations!

  • Lawdaw2015 thank you for your reply. I did one yesterday but im not sure seeing a faint line. I guess I'll go and see my gp first thing in the morning. Hope you get the results your after.

  • That's not a faint line!! Definitely pg!!!🎉

  • That's quite a strong line.   Don't worry about lines being faint, they just should get darker each day 

  • 😊 meme210 you think soo, wow I don't know what to think. I did a test yesterday but I don't remember seeing faint line and I had another test first thing in the morning and that's the result 

  • Missmyangels got my fingers crossed 🙏🏻

  • Try another test to be sure.  a digital test should work  judging by that line 

  • yes your right I will definitely do a digital one or go to my gp to be on the safe side. 

  • Im having the same issue does anyone see anything on this test? or would it be classed as evap? image Any replied would be much appreciated xx

  • Hi Char, 

    blue dye tests are notorious for evaps.  

    Heres the negative photo of yours 


  • If there is anything there it's far too faint to tell

  • Thank you.. feel like I'm going mad lol! x

  • Hi again so I did another test today and no more confusion thank god 😇 🐣 image 

  • Yay congratulations Nill

  • imageHi girls im actually new here and i badly needed ur help😔 I had my test 3 times its and two of them shows me a faint line.. Im not sure if guys seeing it on the picture, im so confused now is there anyone who can give me an answer for this????  appriciate ur help thanks 😊

  • ☺️🙂 Thank you meme210. omg! Can't actually belive this wow...

  • hi cazyel it's really hard to tell but I could advice you to take a clearblue digital test. Like I did, because you might be in early stages of pregnancy and every time you do a test it seems different and confuses you just like it happened to me ☺️ 

  • Yeah its really confusing😔 But should i wait like 2-3 days more to do the test again?? Thanks for answering Nill😊 And congratulations 🎉👶

  • Hi Cazy, i can see something but can't say if it's a positive line or an evap.  the picture isn't very clear.  If there's a possibility it's a new pregnancy leave it a couple of days at least before trying a clear blue digital as they are not the most sensitive.  

    only test using first morning urine aswell for now as that's when your hormones will be strongest. 

  • Thank you caznel ☺️ I agree with meme210 give yourself a couple of days and try testing again and hopefully it will be in your favour.

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