Implantation or AF?????

Hello everyone need some help. 

Well let me start off with my cycles are 28 days. I had sex everyday of my fertile window including ovulation day. Confirmed by positive opk. Cramps and backache. Well 14 days after on my predicted period due day I started off light then next day was a little bit heavier but 3rd day was light again so much i thought it had stopped but now today day 4 bleeding stopped no fresh blood but brown old blood had appeared then stopped completely again now on the night dark red blood has come not a lot but just a bit no cramps or anything. (First day had cramps then they went) but I've still got tender breasts and nipples I've had stabbing pains in nipples ever since 7/8dpo now and then. no hpt tests but opk have all been negative. 

This face of the witch or implantation bleeding what's anyone's views on this I'm new to these chats and threads..anyone similar...? Hope it all makes sense..


  • In reality could be either.  if it's not usual for you I guess it could be implantation.  were there any clots? 

    Brown can be normal at period time as so is sore nipples/breasts 

  • Thank you for your reply and no i havnt and usually I have clots but this is really different for me I'm 20 and i have never had tender breasts for this long...don't know what to think 

  • I'd get a first response hpt and see what it says But I'm a little crazy with no patience 

  • Thanks and ain't we all 😆

  • And most of us didn't even contemplate that we might not just fall pregnant the first time 

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