Need some advice please

Hi all I'm new here and this is rather long winded but please bare with and my partner aren't actively trying to concieve until next year at the minute it's more if it happens it happens. I have pcos (my periods have been regular for about 7yrs now) we had 2 miscarriages almost 2 years ago now and for a long while we set aside trying as it was too upsetting. My last what I'd call proper period normal flow for me was on the 28.09.16, 3 days before I poas as I felt rubbish we both agreed there was a faint line but then I came on and just put it down to our eyes playing tricks on us. I was due my next period 26.10.16, on the 28th I had light brown spotting occasionally a pinky tinge to it for 4 days. Just assumed it was one of those things as family and friends have said they have experienced the same before.  Now roll on another month I was expecting period 23.11.16 again nothing, 2 days ago (25th) Iv had brown/pink spotting again it's only when I wipe & not every time I wipe. I have done numerous tests  again think some have been faint then others can't see anything.  Really confused and I will go to the doctors but I cant get an appointment for another week.  If any of you lovely ladies have made it through all my waffling and have any advice I would really appreciate it! For anyone trying to conceive I really hope this is your month xx


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