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Advise please

So we've been have unprotected sex for 2 and a half years and I haven't fallen pregnant.

This is the first month I have done ovulation tests and have my first positive one on Friday PM but we couldn't have sex until today (Sunday) so think I may have missed that window.

I'm wondering if anyone has been in the same boat trying for a long time and then fallen pregnant naturally. Did you use anything to help? 

Thanks for reading. 


  • Hello...We haven't been trying long but we have been doing loads of research...don't know if you have tried any of these apologies if I'm just repeating, a mixture of friends and internet research. Use an app on your smart phone to track ovulation on a monthly basis and use the ovulation tests daily to start off with to figure out when you ovulate...may take a couple of months to get a good idea. There is apparently only a 5 day window you can actually get pregnant...I believe as sperm survives up to 5 days and has to meet the egg within 12-24 hours of the egg being released. So according to my app its like a few days before, the day off and 1 day after ovulation you can conceive. We have just started taking well man and women pre-conception vitamins to support our bodies and Ive read good reviews on them increasing sperm count and motility. But Im following for any other tips :) x x

  • Thankyou, I'm taking Seven Sea trying to conceive supplements. We haven't really been trying just having unprotected sex when we both wanted to so may have been missing the right time a lot of the time as I noticed when I got my positive ovulation test I wasn't really in the mood so maybe the same every month without knowing it. 

    Going to really try now and keep doing the ovulation tests and going to try conceive plus lubrication as the reviews seem good so worth a try. 

    Just need to try and stay positive and give it a good go.

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