TTC and confused!

I Have been ttc for 5 months now usually I have a normal cycle and ovulate every 4 weeks. I'm really confused as I didn't ovulate this month & now I'm due to come on my period tomorrow but my nipples was sore so I did a ovulation test and it was positive???


  • I usually get a positive OpK before my AF. Something to do with a hormone surge.

    4 weeks to wait until ovulation is a long time.... do you usually have really long cycles? 

  • I know it is. No usually i have a period then ovulate 14 days after then have a period again in another 14 days or so. But this time I skipped ovulation witch I thoight was strange now I'm ovulation 2 weeks later than I should and I'm due to come on my period tomorrow! could I be pregnant? or is there no way. You ovulate when your pregnant,thank you for this reply!

  • It is possible not to ovulate on a cycle... it could be ovulation or it could be AF coming. Some also get a positi OPK when PG. Only way to tell is to test it wait for AF unfortunately. Only way to confirm OV is also by temping and sticks don't guarantee to they just pick up the surge

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