When around ovulation to be trying...

Me and my partner are on our second month of TTC. We used the ovulation sticks last month to get an idea of when I ovulate...slightly later than then apps on my phone says. Last month was a BFN. Are we best to be more actively trying before during or after ovulation? Im due to ovulate friday/saturday this week :) So much different information on the web X X 


  • The best time is the 4-5 days before ovulation and the day of and sometimes day after. We only ovulate once a month and it only lives 12-24 hours which is why it's good to have sex in the days leading up so there are sperm waiting for the egg when it's released. Once ovulation has happened you then have 2 weeks until your period.... hence the two week wait. 

    The apps are good if you have a bang on cycle but they only estimate ovulation based on averages. I ovulate different days each month so my app is never right. I have used OPKs and temping to pinpoint the day exactly and have learned to know the signs.... but my app is always a few days out so don't rely on it as an ovulation tool, but it's good for tracking. 

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