Is this a positive?

is this a positive I just can't tell I swead is see a line but I'm doubting my self only 8dpo imageimage

the first test is a 3 hour hold and the second is a 2 hour hold I can never last throughout the night for a fmu this cycle 


  • I really can't see anything sorry :(

    8dpo is really early to test though so maybe try again in a couple of days, or try to hold off until the day AF is due

  • Hi! I can't see anything on either of the pics you have posted, but you are very early in your cycle at the moment. Test again once AF is late (or at least due!) and see what happens. You arent out this cycle - just a bit early. Good luck 

  • image

    please help !! don't know if i am going crazy or not but i can see a very faint line on the top test!! the bottom test is negative as it is from last month, just using as comparison. please help i truly see another line! 

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