Late and frustrated

so I am 11 days late. I've been cramping off and on for the last couple of weeks fully expecting AF to show up and nothing. I've been dizzy randomly as well, random mood swings, and a little white discharge (sorry for the TMI) but that's it. I have done 4 tests along the way since I've been late and they're all negative. We've been trying for since April and not even a blip on the radar. I'm always on time and ha love the same symptoms every month. until last month I was late by 4 days and now this month nothing at all. Im confused and frustrated. Any ideas or thoughts? I just dont know how to feel I'm so confused


  • The only thing that would cause you to be "late"  would be if you ovulated later... the period of time between OV and AF never changes, so if your OV is delayed your AF will be delayed. 

    I never used to go longer than 28 days, but stress delayed my OV by 3 days a few cycles ago so my cycle was 31 days.

    i ovulate different days between cd12-14 which is why I temp. Do you track ovulation? 

  • I dont temp I've used an app to calculate my OV and period timing. So I'm wondering if I'm OV was off since my AF was late last month. Shouldn't a pregnancy test picked up by now though?

  • The apps arent very accurate for ovulation. They work off of averages and guess work.... you can gear up for OV and it not happen for some reason.

    because I had one long cycle it had me down to OV on cd16 when actually it was cd12. If I had trusted the app I would have missed it completely. 

    Only way to confirm is to use OpKs and temps until you get in tune with what your body is doing. Next month I am not using anything but have learned the signs in terms of CM and how it makes me feel.

    the only other thing if you are sure you ovulated is to get bloods done.... some ladies don't get pos on urine tests for some reason

  • if your AF was 4 days delayed last month then you would have OVd 4 days later than previous. You should count the first day as CD1 not when you should have had your AF.... so it will push everything back.

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