What am i looking at here??

imageHi all, im 10dpo today and did a frer with fmu.

I checked the test, saw nothing. Decided to take it apart and there is a small but definite pink mak at he edge of the positive strip section.

I don't know what to make of it? Am i clutching at straws? Its breaking my heart just getting negative after negative!


  • 10dpo is still early to be testing.... can see a bit of pink at the edges so fingers crossed. 

    Maybe wait a few days.... one of the other ladies got BFN on 12dpo but got BFP day after AF x

  • Hi. I can't see a positive line on this test - but if you are 10dpo then you are testing quite early. Maybe wait until your AF is due or, even better, late before testing again. It can take some time for the egg to get fertilised and implanted, and there will be no hcg in your system for the test to detect until after implantation has occurred. 

    You are defo not out this month, but you should hold off on testing until AF is due because negatives can be a bit disheartening. 

    Good luck, and let us know how you get on x

  • thankyou for your reply! 

    I keep telling myself to stop being silly because i feel like im just clutching fo the slightest of signs.

    This is the first hint of pink ive ever had in the positive section, i just don't know what to make of it xx

  • Oh i forgot to add, i had af type cramps (im thinking this was implantation) on 6dpo. Im hoping i just need a little longer before anthing can be detected

  • I have driven myself crazy since my MC in July and spent a fortune on tests. I have now vowed to not test early for several reasons...

    chemicals.... the invention of the early tests have picked up on chemicals that we would never normally know about.... extra heartbreak I don't want!

    worry.... if I got a positive before period was due I would be terrified it was a chemical and drive myself insane

    money.... they cost a fortune 

    sanity... I was a POAS addict!!!!

    i say to wait if you can lovely.... hard I know x

  • Your so right about the money! I spend a fortune!

    i keep telling myself never to bother until missed af but just cant help myself lol!

    aww thank you so much! Hopefully im not out this month. However, if i am, me and my partner got engaged this month so we can finally enjoy all the bubbly!

  • Ahhhhh congratulations on your engagement! X

    fingers crossed for you xxx

  • image

    please help!! is the top test positive? i see a very faint line , the test on the bottom is in fact negative from last month! please help

  • Im sorry hun, i cant really see anything. Why don't you test in a couple of days?

    I know exactly how you feel though, desperate for any sign of that BFP!

    Good luck though xxx

  • Also i had three clear blue tests last month that all left faint blue lines and were neg :(

    Personally, i dont trust blue dyes anymore

  • I had a line on a CB last month too and it was definitely an evap! I have had a false positive on a FRES too which is another reason why I am now waiting until AF is missed so that there is no question over a squinted of a line.

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